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1st Conference on Farmer-Centric On-Farm Experimentation

13/10/2021 - 14/10/2021
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Farmer-centric On-Farm Experimentation (OFE) is gaining interest worldwide as a practical mechanism to bridge formal and informal knowledge by embedding research into real-world farm management. A particularly promising avenue for OFE is to use digital technologies to document and support the agro-ecological transition, paving the way to transformational change in agricultural research and innovation.

What is OFE ? Find here the 2-page introduction (view online or download the PDF)

This conference will provide practitioners and theoreticians with the opportunity to:
– share their global experience of OFE as an innovation pathway
– contribute their insights to explain OFE processes and develop the OFE sciences
– suggest recommendations and guidelines to support OFE implementation and institutionalisation

The #OFE2021 conference outputs will include a OECD-supported report bringing together the lessons learned and the implications for policy linkages, and a book or special issue in an international journal based on the conference proceedings (presentations and posters).

The 4 major themes of the plenary are:
– Value creation
– People and processes
– Data and analytics
– Policy linkages

The production of #OFE2021 will be multiple: a report bringing together the lessons learned and the implications for policy linkages, supported by OECD, and a book or a special issue in a review, based on conference proceedings (presentations and posters).

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