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Conference - StatMathAppli 2022

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The next edition of StatMathAppli 2022 will take place at Villa Clythia in Fréjus, France, from August 29 till September 2:




The conference provides to European statisticians, including PhD and young researchers, the opportunity to meet, present their work, and initiate collaborations. The program includes (selected) contributed talks, and two courses given by world-renowned researchers.


For the 2022 Edition, we are delighted to welcome as guest lecturer

Rebecca Willett (Chicago University) on "Regularization Induced by Neural Network Architectures" and 

Richard Nickl (Cambridge University) on "Bayesian non-linear statistical inverse problems".


Registration will be open from Monday, March 21 till Friday, June 17. (https://statmathappli.mathnum.inrae.fr/fr/inscription)

Please note that, the number of places being limited, the application process consists in a pre-registration on the website, followed by a registration after validation of your application by email from the committee. First arrived, first served.

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