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Reengineering of aerodynamic flow-field module

Models for cell-free synthetic biology: Make prototyping easier, better, and faster

Recognizing patterns: spatial analysis of observed microbial colonization on root surfaces

Macroecological and macroevolutionary patterns emerge in the universe of GNU/Linux operating systems

Accuracy of RNAseq based SNP discovery and genotyping in Populus nigra

Toward a Computer Vision Perspective on the Visual Impact of Vegetation in Symmetries of Urban Environments

Contribution of modeling to the decision support for agriculture reuse of treated wastewater

Some reasons why the latent period should not always be considered constant over the course of a plant disease epidemic

An untargeted metabolomics approach to investigate the metabolic modulations of HepG2 cells exposed to low doses of bisphenol A and 17 beta-estradiol

Steady state analysis of a syntrophic model: The effect of a new input substrate concentration

Addressing global ruminant agricultural challenges through understanding the rumen microbiome: Past, present, and future

Assessing the aerial interconnectivity of distant reservoirs of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Ridge regression for the functional concurrent model

Advances in computational modeling approaches in pituitary gonadotropin signaling

A new proof of the competitive exclusion principle in the chemostat

Modeling and analysis of random and stochastic input flows in the chemostat model

Heterosis Is a Systemic Property Emerging From Non-linear Genotype-Phenotype Relationships: Evidence From in Vitro Genetics and Computer Simulations

Optimal strategies to refill hydric reservoirs with reused water – application to the Jaunay Lake case study

Progress and prospects in gender visibility at SMBE annual meetings

Effect of control parameters on biogas production during the anaerobic digestion of protein-rich substrates

Modelling an artificial microalgae-cyanobacteria ecosystem

A “Fork-to-Farm” multi-scale approach to promote sustainable food systems for nutrition and health: A perspective for the mediterranean region

Adaptive estimation of high-dimensional signal-to-noise ratios

Detecting Markov random fields hidden in white noise

Relations between socio-economic factors and nutritional diet in Vietnam from 2004 to 2014: new insights using compositional data analysis

Properties of the chemostat model with aggregated biomass

Major changes in the composition of a Southern Ocean bacterial community in response to diatom-derived dissolved organic matter

On the derivation of a simple dynamic model of anaerobic digestion including the evolution of hydrogen

Incentives under Upstream-Downstream Moral Hazard Contract

How to manage a small-scale multi-use forest ?

A framework for modeling adaptive forest management and decision making under climate change

A bioenergetics model of the entire life cycle of the three-spined stickleback, gasterosteus aculeatus

Estimating virus effective population size and selection without neutral markers

Assessment of evaporative cooling efficiency in greenhouses equiped with wetted porous plates

High biomass density promotes density-dependent microbial growth rate

The bacterial interlocked process ONtology (BiPON): a systemic multi-scale unified representation of biological processes in prokaryotes

The virtual food system: Innovative models and experiential feedback in technologies for winemaking, the cereals chain, food packaging and eco-designed starter production

About the minimal time crisis problem

Modelling CO 2 transfer in foil ripened semi-hard Swiss-type cheese

Inferring incomplete lineage sorting, duplications, transfers and losses with reconciliations

Inherent relevance of MRMT models to concentration variance and mixing-induced reactivity

Optimal control of physical backwash strategy - towards the enhancement of membrane filtration process performance

Limit theorems for some branching measure-valued processes

Asymptotic stability of a coupled advection-diffusion-reaction system arising in bioreactor processes

Thermodynamic characterization of single-stage spray dryers: Mass and energy balances for milk drying

Estimating the intensity function of spatial point processes outside the observation window

Review: To be or not to be an identifiable model. Is this a relevant question in animal science modelling?

Time-optimal control of concentrations changes in the chemostat with one single speciestn1]

The generalized Simpson's entropy is a measure of biodiversity

Socioeconomic and environmental determinants of dengue transmission in an urban setting: An ecological study in Noumea, New Caledonia

The combination of the functionalities of feedback circuits is determinant for the attractors' number and size in pathway-like Boolean networks

Erratum: The combination of the functionalities of feedback circuits is determinant for the attractors' number and size in pathway-like Boolean networks (vol 7, 42023, 2017)

A mathematical model for tailoring antimicrobial packaging material containing encapsulated volatile compounds

Equivalence of Finite Dimensional Input-Output Models of Solute Transport and Diffusion in Geosciences

Oracle inequalities for network models and sparse graphon estimation

Modelling the probability of microhabitat formation on trees using cross-sectional data

A transcriptome multi-tissue analysis identifies biological pathways and genes associated with variations in feed efficiency of growing pigs

De novo annotation of transposable elements : tackling the fat genome issue